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Wild Weather at SFX!!

Well we had some interesting weather today at school!

It was very exciting!

What are the chances?

In Maths, we are learning about Chance.

Today we used the words CERTAIN, LIKELY, UNLIKELY and IMPOSSIBLE to describe the likelihood of events happening. We made a chance line and decided where to put some events.

Do you agree with where we placed the events?
Can you think of any other chance words?

Enviroweek Wrap Up!

This week is Enviroweek, and the Grade 2 students have embraced it whole-heartedly!

We decided to take the ‘Foodie Challenge’ and have been trying to eat and drink fresh and reduce our waste.

As well as the ‘Foodie Challenge’, the students have been challenging their own behaviour all week in lots of ways, to contribute to a more sustainable Australia.

Here are some of the changes we have made.


This week in Grade 2 we are learning about Fables. Fables are short stories with a lesson to be learnt – this is called a ‘Moral‘. They are a kind of narrative which have been around for a long time and many people have re-written their own versions. iIn fact, we are writing our own versions of “Town Mouse and Country Mouse” right now!

Here are the ‘Bee’ and ‘Beetle’ literacy groups reading “The Lion and the Mouse” and “The Ant and the Grasshopper“.

Religion Term 1 Assessment Piece – Holy Week

In the last week of Term 1 our whole school celebrated a liturgy each day to mark the events of Holy Week, which leads up to Easter. The liturgies were an enjoyable way to come together as a school and pray, and remember the life of Jesus Christ.

Each day, the Grade 2 students completed an assessment which demonstrated their response to the Easter Story using the app ‘Show Me‘.

Play and Learn

Sometimes working well with others can be tricky. In Grade 2, we are learning how to work well with others. We call this ‘Play and Learn’.

In our Play and Learn sessions, we get together with 2MR and we learn about a social skill. We talk about what it looks like, how we can use it, and why it would help us to get along with others. Then we get into small groups and we play! While we play we practise using our new skill.

After we play, we reflect on our learning. We think about if anyone used that social skill while we were playing, if it helped us to get along, and how we could use this skill while playing or working with others.

So far this term, we have learnt about the skills of looking on the bright side, being a good leader, negotiating, and listening to other people’s opinions.

We love Play and Learn because we learn while we play!

Do you have any good tips or suggestions for us about how to work well with others?

Assembly this week

Hi 2KE Parents!

Don’t forget the school assembly this week will be led by the superstars of Grade 2KE! Our school assembly is held on Friday afternoons at 3pm in the school hall. All are welcome, we hope to see you there!


Measuring Length with 2KE

This week we learnt about measuring length. On Thursday we used pop sticks, rulers, shoes and hands to measure the length of our tables. We learnt that when measuring length we need to measure from one end all the way to the other. It is also important to measure in a straight line.

On Friday we measured ourselves! First we chose what we would measure with, then we worked in groups to find out how tall we all are. Afterwards, we recorded our findings onto posters to display in our classroom.

Can you guess what we will be learning about measurement next week?

Do you know how tall YOU are?


Term 2 Inquiry

Have you ever thought about how things move? Did you know we use SCIENCE everyday for normal activities? Things like opening a tin of milo, driving to school, playing on the swings, and turning door handles all use SCIENCE!

This term at school we will be exploring how we use science to help us in our lives. Feel like getting a jump start on our learning? Here is a link to a great activity you can explore at home with Mum or Dad.

See you all next week!

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