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Fairy Tales

This week we have been learning about the genre of ‘Fairy Tales’ – made up stories which are usually written for children and contain magical elements.

Today we explored our understanding of the well-known characters from Fairy Tales, and challenged ourselves to think creatively about their actions within the stories. We made ‘WANTED’ posters for a character of our choice – we certainly are creative!

Here are a few that were finished today.

Love 2KE


In Literacy, we have been learning about Narratives – made up stories which are written to entertain the audience. We learnt that good narratives have a beginning, a middle (with a complication or problem) and an end (with a solution to the problem and a conclusion). We have been experimenting with using a sizzling start at the beginning of our stories and direct speech to help the characters to come alive. To help us to learn how to write good narratives, we have been reading some of our favourite stories and re-writing them in our own words.