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Science Experiments

Last week we had a science afternoon where we carried out lots of experiments. We learnt lots and had a great time working with children and teachers from other classes.

Click the link below to see how we made play dough.

Making Playdough

Have you ever made play dough?
Was your recipe different to ours?
Why do you think the recipes differ?

We also made Wiz Fiz.

And Oobleck.



AND Popcorn.



What a day!

Enviroweek – Foodie Challenge

Next week is Enviroweek and SFX is joining in the fun! We are being challenged to take positive everyday action for a sustainable Australia.

The Grade 2s have decided to take the ‘Foodie Challenge‘. We are challenging ourselves to eat and drink fresh next week, and are aiming to bring ‘Nude Food‘ to school. We are hoping that our actions will have these benefits:

  • Create less pollution
  • Contribute less waste to landfill
  • Healthy diet, stronger bodies
  • Less processed fat and sugar

More information can be found at the website

How can you contribute to a sustainable Australia? What does ‘Nude Food’ mean to you?

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