October 2014 archive

What are the chances?

In Maths, we are learning about Chance.

Today we used the words CERTAIN, LIKELY, UNLIKELY and IMPOSSIBLE to describe the likelihood of events happening. We made a chance line and decided where to put some events.

Do you agree with where we placed the events?
Can you think of any other chance words?

Science Experiments

Last week we had a science afternoon where we carried out lots of experiments. We learnt lots and had a great time working with children and teachers from other classes.

Click the link below to see how we made play dough.

Making Playdough

Have you ever made play dough?
Was your recipe different to ours?
Why do you think the recipes differ?

We also made Wiz Fiz.

And Oobleck.



AND Popcorn.



What a day!

Meausuring Capacity

Yesterday in Maths, we started learning about CAPACITY. When you measure the capacity of a container, you are measuring how much it holds.

We took a lot of different containers to the sandpit and measured their capacity. After we explored on our own, we did an experiment to find out which of two containers held less. First we estimated, then we tested it by filling one and transferring the sand into the other.

We had lots of fun doing this activity, and we’re going back today to learn some more. Here are some photos of our activity.

Do you know how to measure the capacity of containers?

How would you compare the capacity of different containers?

What clues would you look for to make your estimates about whether a container would hold more or less than another?

– Written by 2KE