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Religion Term 1 Assessment Piece – Holy Week

In the last week of Term 1 our whole school celebrated a liturgy each day to mark the events of Holy Week, which leads up to Easter. The liturgies were an enjoyable way to come together as a school and pray, and remember the life of Jesus Christ.

Each day, the Grade 2 students completed an assessment which demonstrated their response to the Easter Story using the app ‘Show Me‘.


Today in Maths we worked with a partner, and we took turns directing each other around the classroom. We tried to use TECHNICAL VOCABULARY, like destination, turn, forward, straight ahead, backwards, up, down, right, left and across.

We looked at the maps we drew yesterday and we talked about how important it was to label them well.

Are you going away over the long weekend? We are wondering who might need to use a map over the weekend?!