April 2014 archive

Term 2 Inquiry

Have you ever thought about how things move? Did you know we use SCIENCE everyday for normal activities? Things like opening a tin of milo, driving to school, playing on the swings, and turning door handles all use SCIENCE!

This term at school we will be exploring how we use science to help us in our lives. Feel like getting a jump start on our learning? Here is a link to a great activity you can explore at home with Mum or Dad.


See you all next week!

After one term, my favourite thing about Grade 2 so far is…


  • The teachers (Amelia)
  • Mrs Churchward working with me (Casper)
  • Making Easter baskets (Brianna)
  • Sport (Raphael)
  • Playing with my friends (Jackson)
  • Fun games (Peter)
  • Making St Patrick’s Day rainbows (James)
  • Library (Jess)
  • Playing footy (Ishan)
  • Reading stories in Italian (Anastasia)
  • Playing “The sum of my numbers” (Sandra)
  • Making Easter Bunny ears (Celeste)
  • Painting pictures with Mrs E (Zac)
  • Making paper monkeys in Art (Anthony)
  • Making Easter eggs with Ms Krezel (Ziggy)
  • Playing “Poison ball” (Theo)
  • Making monsters in Art (Armaan)
  • Playing ‘Beat the bomb” (Helen)
  • Playing “Bob ball” (Daniel)
  • Learning keyboard (Aidan)
  • My new teachers and friends (Emma)
  • Writing narratives (Sam)
  • Playing games (Eloise)

What do YOU like about school?